Artem Vasilyuk

3 years old | Cherkasy city
Diagnosis: Diffuse astrocytoma
Child report

Artem is a little boy from Cherkasy. At the age of 2.5, he faced a terrible illness.

Over a year ago, Artem was diagnosed with cancer!

It all started very tritely. The child just showed that he had a headache. This day, January 7, 2020, became fatal for the family. Artem was first examined at a local hospital, and a neuropathologist gave a referral for an MRI.

Two days later, on January 10, 2020, Artem had surgery. Diagnosis of Ukrainian doctors: diffuse astrocytoma. When the surgeon left the operating room, he assured the parents that the tumor had been completely removed. After that, the boy had several days of resuscitation, antibiotics, and a course of recovery.

However, a month later, after a second examination, it became clear that not everything is that simple! This was followed by an examination three months and six months later, and the tumor was growing. Ukrainian doctors did not give any guarantees.

Artem’s father, Vladimir, turned to Israeli medicine. Professor Constantin agreed to take on Artem’s treatment. The differential diagnosis of the professor is “Polymeric astocytoma.”

Artem’s first surgery in Israel was on September 14, 2020. The surgeon was prof. Constantin.

Unfortunately, Artem’s long and exhausting struggle with the tumor is not over yet. In February 2022, Artem will be in Israel again for a consultation to determine the final stage of treatment and another surgery.

Artem’s tumor is located in the head, or rather in the juniper. To operate such a complex case, it is necessary to involve only the best neurosurgeons globally, which is why professor Constantin is his doctor! However, he is not all-powerful. The course of treatment is costly!

Unfortunately, the family cannot pay these expenses!
We ask you to help Artem!
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