⭐️ Lottery of painting signed by Zaluzhny


Friends, we have very good news!
A volunteer from our foundation RAZO inst: @razo.music, who works with children, organizes a lottery and decided to raffle off the last of 5 paintings to help our foundation!

🤩We are incredibly grateful! It’s very valuable that even in times like these we all don’t forget about the children with cancer in Ukraine! This is so important even in the toughest of times!

We ask for your help! Let’s help together!
By participating in the lottery today, you can save a child’s life!

✳️ The collection will continue until November 25! A drawing will be held between all donors using the Randomizer!

❗️ Drawing will be held at @razo.music
❗️ You can participate from any amount!

The jar 🫙
5375 4112 0240 4666
4149 4991 3410 4809

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