Medical assistance to refugees


The non-profit organization “Lemanam”, a group of doctors providing free medical care to Holocaust survivors, with the support of the Ichilov Tel Aviv Medical Center, has established an advanced emergency room in Moldova, on the border with Ukraine for Ukrainian refugees.

This morning (March 11), a private plane brought 40 doctors from the Ichilov Medical Center to the border, as well as many volunteers from other Israeli hospitals. The team is accompanied by tons of donated medical equipment, medicines and humanitarian aid. The arrival of the delegation was organized in coordination with high-ranking Moldovan officials and various foreign government agencies.

The group of volunteer doctors consists exclusively of Ukrainian-speaking doctors in the fields of psychiatry, pediatrics, emergency medicine, family medicine, orthopedics, anesthesiology, rehabilitation and psychology. They are accompanied by medical clowns, a social worker and logistics specialists.

The team will provide a rapid response to emergencies in the refugee camps in the area and, if necessary, can establish a forward operating room on the Moldovan side of the border. They will also support local hospitals that treat refugees in the region.
The site of the facility was created during a week-long secret mission by an advance team from the Ichilov Medical Center and Lemanam.

The Lehmans are led by Dr. Tamara Kolitz from the Institute of Endocrinology of the Center and Dr. Oz Franco, Dr. Roy Morag and Prof. Idit Matot. The delegation is supported by the governments of Israel and Europe, as well as Israir and Sarel Logistical Solutions.

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