Nikita Vozhny

7 years | m. Kyiv
Diagnosis: Metastasis Melanoma
Funding goal: Likuvannya
Child report

Seven-year-old boy Nikita suddenly felt sick on August 15, 2021. He was hospitalized with partial paralysis and vomiting.

After examination, Nikita was diagnosed with a brain tumor with bleeding, which was later removed at the Kyiv Institute of Neurosurgery on August 18, 2021.

On discharge from the hospital, he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma, and the CSD clinic diagnosed Melanoma Metastasis.

Looking for a correct diagnosis, Nikita’s parents went to Turkey. Melanoma metastasis was subsequently confirmed in Germany.

This disease is very rare for children of this age. In Nikita’s case, a council of doctors was convened, and they made decisions on further treatment. Nikita started a course in radiotherapy and chemotherapy (Temodal). Unfortunately, the child could not withstand such a load, and the boy felt very sick.

On September 30, 2021, Nikita was hospitalized with a temperature of 40 and poor blood counts. Doctors in Turkey reported that the child’s bone marrow is not recovering, and urgent transplantation is needed. According to the results of the MRI, doctors found a recurrence of metastases at the micro-level

Unfortunately, Turkish doctors do not know how to treat Melanoma!

Nikita’s mom, Yana, turned to Israel for help since Israeli doctors have vast experience in melanoma treatment. Now doctors at the Ichilov clinic are doing diagnostics and gene testing to determine the exact protocol for Nikita’s treatment and are ready to accept the boy for therapy.

Nikita’s parents cannot cope on their own – they need a lot of money for treatment
We ask you to help 7-year-old Nikita survive and recover from such a serious illness.
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