Anna Shepa

6 years old | Uzhhorod
Diagnosis: Focal cortical dysplasia

Child report

Anny, a beautiful little 6-year-old girl from Uzhhorod, was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis. She needs brain surgery. Israel surgeons agreed to perform a complex operation.

Here is the story of Anny.
At the age of 4 in 2019, Ann had fibrotic seizures on the background of a viral infection.

Ukrainian doctors recommended doing an MRI, EEG and just follow up. Previous studies have found nothing at first.

In 2020, Ann's mother began to notice symptoms, such as disorientation and swallowing movements.

Anny had another MRI, which showed changes. Ukrainian doctors suspect "hippocampal sclerosis."

Anny is prescribed medical treatment because epilepsy is suspected. Unfortunately, the treatment did not work.

Anny's mother sees up to 10 attacks a month, which is a lot for any parent. Anny changed her treatment and prescribed a new drug, "Keppra", which the girl still takes today.

However, Anny's disease is not amenable to medical treatment.
Volodymyr and Yana, the girl's parents, decided to be examined in Turkey.

Anny underwent one more MRI examination with contrast on a more powerful device and Pd Kt.
Unfortunately, the doctors of the Turkish institution were irresponsible about the results of the expensive examination. Overall, they did not provide parents with a description of all the tests they made. Still, there is no accurate diagnosis, although the doctors suspected a tumor.

Anny's parents decided to turn unequivocally to Israeli medicine.

After preliminary consultations and examinations, Dr Chernykh, a doctor at the Israeli Medical Clinic, diagnoses "follicular cortical dysplasia".

Such a diagnosis requires surgical treatment, as changes occur in Ann's brain.

Only surgery can help Anny.
The amount needed for treatment is $ 64,000.

While Anny is waiting for surgery, her attacks continue!
We ask you to help Anny recover.

You can support Ann's treatment with anything you can with a money transfer and a note "for Anny".


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