Orientation terms for collection: 6-12 months. The surplus of donations upon completion of a project that is not implemented will automatically be transferred to the next ongoing project. A person who makes a donation to a specific project provides benefits for the re-distribution/reproduction of these funds in other projects.

The benefactor independently determines the amount of the charitable donation and makes it through a penny transfer using additional payment forms and features posted on the Site.

The benefactor also has the right to identify the specific purpose of his donation within the framework of the direct activities and beneficial programs of the Foundation.

When making a donation, for the correct identification of the payer, the Benefactor provides his contact information: name and name, name of legal entity, email address and/or phone number, other information that allows you to do so Identification of the Benefactor.

A beneficial donation is respected irrevocably and is not returned to the Foundation.

Expenses associated with the making of charitable donations (commissions for the re-insurance of funds, donations, fees, etc.) are borne by the Beneficiary, since such expenditures are collected from the Beneficiary, and the Fund, since such expenditures are collected from the Fund. The Benefactor is aware that a portion of his charitable donation may be used by the Foundation to cover the costs associated with making charitable donations, as such costs are collected by third parties for compensation and cannot be lost. and (for example, commissions of payment systems for acquiring, bank commissions, etc)