Kashuba Mar’yan

12 years | Lviv region, Striysky district, Dovgoluka village, Ukraine
Diagnosis: Autism
Funding goal: Rehabilitation
Collected at the moment:
5 890.00 UAH
It remains to collect: 34 940.00 UAH
Child report

Every mother wants her children to grow up healthy and happy. Marian was born into another child in the family. I’m sure I didn’t have any problems of the day, the boy, like all children of full age, suddenly began to shake his head, sit, and walk. It’s a pity that Mar’yan knew an impressive gesture and good contact. Terminovo was assigned to specialists: a defectologist, a psychologist, a speech therapist. Most of them were diagnosed with subgroup A disability.
The boy actually stopped eating, he was non-verbal, until the eleventh hour, and could not take care of himself at all.

During the hour of rehabilitation and correction, the specialists took over, Maryanchik courageously gained strength from the hedgehog, and learned to go to the bathroom on his own. It is very important to work on the basics of language, it is necessary to work with psychomotor development, therapy, work with a speech therapist.
Unfortunately, dads can’t afford to pay for rehabilitation on their own. We are very confident that at the same time we can raise the necessary amount and help the bright, kind lad Maryan get dressed!

What has already been done
  • Work with a speech therapist, defectologist, psychologist
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