Vitaly Saltivsky

7 years old | Ukraine
Diagnosis: Tracheostomy
Child report

At the age of 2, Vitaly drank the forbidden liquid, after which the child was diagnosed with a tracheostomy. In Ukraine, it was impossible to do the most complicated treatment for the recovery of the Tracheostomy, the doctors were not able to solve the problem. For several years, this family has been looking for all the opportunities to solve the problem.

The family chose Israel, MC Ichilov, because this center can solve the problem with Vitalik’s laryngoplasty. The specialists were ready to help the child to return to a healthy life, but the cost of treatment ($ 83,000) was unbearable for the family. As in many stories, there are kind people who responded to help and the required amount was collected within 2-3 months.

After the boy went to Israel for treatment, the “Keren Or for Child” charitable foundation took care of him, whose representatives provided support to the baby in Israel.

During the entire treatment period, which took almost 4 months, people who helped Vitaly supported him with all possible methods to cheer him up!

It was a small victory – talented specialists cured Vitaly. He is completely healthy now and returned home a few months ago. Now Vitaly can dream about the future, explore the world, and enjoy every day. “Keren Or for Child” thanks her mother, Irina Soltivskaya, for her trust.

Together we gave Vitaly a ticket to a new life!

What has already been done
  • The first diagnosis in Ukraine.
  • Within 2-3 months, the required amount of $ 83,000 was collected.
  • After the boy went to Israel for treatment, the Keren Оr for Сhild foundation took care of him.
  • After 4 months of successful treatment, Vitaly returned home.
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