Vladislav Kopach

4 years old | Drohobych, Ukraine
Diagnosis: Atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor (ATRT)
Child report
At the age of 2 years 7 months, the parents turned to one of the hospitals in western Ukraine due to the poor health of the child. After examining the boy, the doctors suggested that Vladislav was poisoned.

After two weeks, the child’s condition continued to deteriorate. We changed three clinics, where Vladislav was examined for several days, took tests, carried out treatment, still referring to the poisoning.

During this period, Vladislav stopped walking and refused to eat.

On the evening of February 5, 2020, the boy developed convulsions and was taken to intensive care.

The next day, at 8 o’clock in the morning, the mother was informed that her child had fallen into a coma and was in serious condition.

Vladislav was immediately given an MRI scan, and then the diagnosis was announced: hydrocephalus of the left side and a tumor in the brain.

On the same day, the first urgent shunt placement was performed.

After a while Vladislav came to his senses, but could no longer move, speak.

After examination, it turned out that the tumor in the brain is located in a dangerous zone. Not finding specialists ready to carry out an extremely risky operation, the parents decided to apply for treatment at the Ichilov Medical Center, Israel.

The clinic’s specialists gave a positive answer, agreeing to accept the boy for treatment.

After the stabilization of Vladislav’s condition, on March 8, the family arrived in Israel.

Upon arrival, a preliminary diagnosis was announced at the clinic: germinoma.

Vladislav underwent two blocks of chemotherapy, after which he underwent control MRI.

Unfortunately, two courses of chemotherapy did not have a positive effect on the tumor. Then the doctors decided to carry out a difficult and dangerous operation to remove the tumor.

The operation was successful, 70% of the tumor was removed. At the doctor’s appointment after the operation, my mother was told that the tumor was malignant and of a completely different type: an atypical teratoid-rhabdoid tumor.

Vladislav was prescribed a new treatment protocol, which includes five courses of chemotherapy, collection of bone marrow cells for subsequent three-time bone marrow autotransplantation.

In June, the boy underwent the first course of chemotherapy under the new protocol.

On June 25, she underwent a shunt replacement operation to inject chemotherapy directly into the tumor.

In November 2020, treatment according to the previous protocol was completed. The MRI result indicates that the tumor is shrinking, which means that the proposed treatment is helping. To avoid metastases and recurrence, doctors insist on continuing treatment over the next year, which includes radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

After 12 months of treatment, Dr. Dvir told the family that Vlad’s tumor had completely disappeared, but for prophylaxis it is necessary to spend another 6 months of chemotherapy.

What has already been done
  • After diagnosing a tumor in the brain, a bypass surgery was performed. The condition remained extremely serious. The parents decided to apply for treatment at the Ichilov Medical Center, Israel. 02.2020
  • The family came to Israel for treatment. Vladislav completed two chemotherapy blocks. After that, the specialists of the clinic performed an operation, 70% of the tumor was removed. 03.2020
  • Vladislav has been assigned a new treatment protocol. An operation was performed to replace the shunt to inject chemotherapy directly into the tumor. 06.2020
  • Completed treatment according to the previous protocol, which gave a positive result. 11.2020
  • The tumor has completely disappeared. It takes 6 months of chemotherapy for prophylaxis. 03.2021
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