Daria Berezhnaya

4 years old | Dnipro, Ukraine
Diagnosis: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Child report

Daria Berezhnaya first encountered a sharp temperature in August 2019. The temperature was high for several days and Dasha became weak in a very short time.

Her parents went to “Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center” in Lvov and asked for help. We urgently passed blood tests. Test result was acute leukemia.

Parents could not even think that such a test could come to their family, they simply could not believe it. They hoped that it was a mistake. Within a week they collected all their savings, including the help of relatives and friends. They urgently flew to Israel for examination at the medical center Ichilov-Sourasky in Tel Aviv. Unfortunately, the parents’ hopes were not met but Israeli doctors diagnosed acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Dasha was immediately hospitalized for almost 30 days. After hospitalization, they got a treatment plan: intensive chemotherapy for 9 months, maintenance chemotherapy for 15 months (the entire treatment protocol will last for 2 years).

During her treatment, Daria underwent two parts of induction chemotherapy (IA, IB), “protocol M”. Consolidation therapy (IIA protocol) is now underway. To complete intensive chemotherapy, you will need to undergo Protocol IIB. We are very grateful to parents Nikolai and Olga for the trust of the most valuable…

What has already been done
  • The first diagnosis in Ukraine. 08.2019
  • Arrival in Israel for examination at the Sourasky Medical Center. After hospitalization, a treatment plan was drawn up.
  • Dasha completed two parts of induction chemotherapy. The treatment continues ...
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