Kyrylo Volyanskyi

14 years old | Ukraine
Diagnosis: autism, skoliosis
Funding goal: operation
Collected at the moment:
360 000.00 UAH
It remains to collect: 1 954 728.06 UAH
Child report
   Kyrylo was born in Odesa, Odesa region. From birth to 1.5 years, he developed as a healthy child. When he ill with acute pneumonia, doctors prescribed a course of antibiotic treatment, which resulted in a side effect – brain damage. Since then, the autism spectrum was discovered.
At the age of 9, scoliosis was first detected, and in 2019 he was registered with a surgeon and received a disability. Physiotherapy was recommended, after which a TLSO corset was fitted. After further diagnosis of his current condition, he was diagnosed with kyphoscoliosis. In 2022, after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Kyrylo with his mother and younger sister were  forced to leave for Israel. The boy had very poor dynamics. While talking to Israeli doctors about various methods of treating scoliosis, they came to the conclusion that the only possible treatment was surgery.
         The daily unbearable pain does not allow Kyrylo to realize in his life what he loved and has loved since early childhood – sports (sambo). He is incredibly diligent, loves to learn and dreams of becoming a programmer. He is fond of swimming, music and cooking. He loves his family very much and adores his sister. Kyrylo has many friends, and he dreams of spending happy time with them and his family, without pain…
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What has already been done
  • Completed a course of physiotherapy and treatment with a TLSO corset.
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