Victoria Romanenko

4 years old
Child report

The parents found our that their daughter is I’ll on the 20th of November 2019. Until then, they didn’t imagine she has any health issues, especially such an unusual diagnosis they never heard of.

The medical history of Victoria Romanenko began unexpectedly, as it often happens. The cheerful and active Vika developed like all healthy children. Nothing foreshadowed trouble. But suddenly everything changed – the girl was urgently hospitalized. The surgery was required immediately! The saturation level dropped to 82%, and pulmonary hemorrhage began. Doctors fought for the girl’s life for a long 4.5 hours. After the surgery, the parents were told that doctors had done everything possible to save their daughter.

The girl has a very large lesion of the lungs with arteriovenous malformations – about 15%. Diagnosis: RANDU-OSLER-WEBER’S DISEASE. Vika is the only child in Ukraine with such extensive lung damage. In this situation, Ukrainian doctors were unable to carry out further treatment and give predictions for recovery.

From that moment, the parents, in order to save the child, began to send documents to various clinics outside Ukraine. But they received numerous refusals due to the complexity of the disease.

Nevertheless, we managed to find a clinic that is ready to accept the girl for treatment. In the Israeli MC Schneider there are specialists in this disease who are ready to help the Ukrainian family.

What has already been done
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