Charitable foundation
for helping children
with cancer

Whoever saves one life saves the whole world

No one lives forever, but eternity lives in every moment

For every minute you are nervous, you lose 60 seconds of happiness

About us

The charity foundation “KEREN OR FOR OUR CHILD” (EDRPOU code 44393299) provides assistance to children with cancer, leukemia, and other serious illnesses, as well as to children affected by war, disasters, armed conflicts and accidents, natural disasters, environmental, man-made and other catastrophes.


What are we serving?


  • Raising funds to pay for treatment at the medical center,
  • We are collecting funds to pay for the treatment in Ukraine, as well as abroad
  • Helping to provide our wards with expensive medicines within the treatment course
  • We solve everyday problems (food, household items, etc.) of our charges and their families outside the hospital
  • Provide ongoing support in hospitals – we visit, organize parties, celebrate birthdays, and organize recreational activities
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